Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LoCkEd bY tHe RiNg

Last Tuesday , I felt dissapointed when my hubby phoned me..?
you know why, he just told me that he lose our wedding ring...
Glekss.... looks like my spirit flewn away a thousand miles.. i even could blame on his false... but yeah I dissapointed...sad also i knew it's only a small stuff stupid things..but our married also locked by the these rings....
but it's worthed..
i don't know why...
i really like the man with ring in his hand.. just try to imagine that the men are really love his wife... positively..
I just dream that my hubby will be one of the man.
keep the ring forever in our marriage. but..
what i have to do ..??
angry ?
crying? wont let the rings back on your hand.. hikss....
#saddest moment#

October 13, 2006
Taken from: behind our magical moment


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