Thursday, October 21, 2004

Me, My Self and I

A shore message was coming and saying :

Hi,hope u'r blessed this day. Always give thanks to God for every goodness.Good Day

Has been awakening me up again since a week ago decided not to have a communication again with you.I believe can survive without you coz i come to this world by my self, so losing you is a common should be thru on life...

why you have to call me up again? giving me a hope again?

please don;t do this again. I want to live without your shadow.

enough for me to give all my best effort to know you more.

might be are not good enough beeing a couple.

lets have a friend only....

Don't hurt me again.....

Don't ever give me a hope again. you will never find me as the same person as first sight.

You'll see me differently, it's all because off you. you have screw up my life and now you come back again with some "BASA BASI"

Aaaahhh...Stay away from me...

I'm tired and bored to face your behave..

enjoy your life with your way as i will enjoy my life with my way..

because there is no YOU anymore only ME,MYSELF and I........

Thursday OCtober 21 ,2004


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