Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Hmmm..What is going on with me

Life should better than this

While we can share each other

Give a soul thru His path

To find eternal life

Am I stuborn...???

Am I stupid....????

Am I naif.......??

What's going on with my brain..
Wash brain needed....? none never told you
being a huge question, never understood....being crazy, insense or what..haha..i don't know
and i don't wanna know... you know why... life is to short and why don't we enjoy it..
but...but...but..when it gonna ended.. 8-)
a Proverb said : Love is a friendship set in fire...
absolutely right....but why do you like it...??
my life has been puzzling by you
but never regret it...
just believe on the way i took
hope you will be there for me..
Will you ever?
I don't think you will ever
fully understand
how you've touched my life
and made me who I am.
I don't think you could ever know
just how truly special you are
that even on the darkest nights
you are my brightest star.
I don't think you will ever fully comprehend
how you've made my dreams come true
or how you've opened my heart
to love and the wonders it can do.
You've allowed me to experience
something very hard to find
unconditional love that exists
in my body, soul, and mind.
I don't think you could ever feel
all the love I have to give
and I'm sure you'll never realize
you've been my will to live.
You are an amazing person
and without you I don't know where I'd be.
Having you in my life
completes and fulfills every part of me.
(love poem#28)
lunch time,
January 5, 2005


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