Monday, January 3, 2005

What does it mean.." Wekkkss..." 8-)

I gotta lot of story to tell. Don't know why.
Bit confused to dream of or to beautiful to tell.

Just enjoy the day, let God works with His Blessed hands.

After leaving a message on the new year, then no more story and i didn't tried to find out what is going on..then...last night I caught the star message.
Amazing, but don't hope to much, bab..
The star said :

"have you slept? I queque for the most delicious fried rice in my town. gotta number 18. my dream before get back town and really tasteful enjoy on cold weather
hmm.. what's going on with that. never asked before do i'm sleeping early or late.Then answered :
"not yet, just playing around with my cousins.when do you go home?"
"6.20 am i'll be late for the office."
"Then you bring me something?"
" yup, gotta your order, 2 box. usually i'm lazy to take such a things like that"
" then why you bring that now"
" Wekkss....don't ask... just accepted, why you said there are your cousin.."
" why wekkss? afraid to answer. they are on vacation...bla..bla..
That's our conversation last nite.What did he come along on his mind while he tried to catch up the conversation. But... i should be careful not to keep a hope with all his words.You know he always act like that every time, and always hurted.
But not this time.I will let he did by his way. And I don't know why and i don't wanna know.
I want him finding a path by his own ego.... I dont want to guide him again..

Might be my turn to keep a head..
None never know....
I give all decision to My Beloved God, Alloh SWT. He know the best for me...
Just hoping HIS Leading...
Freeky ... Freeky... Freeky
January 3, 2005
Lunch time


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