Sunday, January 16, 2005

Is he "My Nemo?"( part 1)

Hmmm… might be too early for me to tell everything about him

Ok I will call him My I just read the bool called “ cintapuccino”

A great must read book. Talking about an obsession of someone that finally could reach “ the untouchable obsession. Even finally I disagree with the writer, coz she should ridof one kinda good guy jut for 10 years obsession guy.. But it’s a story…

Nemo that I found and never been realized before

Saturday morning fever, January 15, 2005

Morning has broken my body still lying down on my bed, sinned I found out my body wasn’t so delicious then its my time to relax and make my self spoiled on it.. One beep made me wake up


“ Why I couldn’t reached your phone..??

My Nemo sent me a message, forced me up to wake up early. Then I tried to write a message :

“ hmm my number is out of city number that couldn’t reached by your office phone. Try to call me at my homie here is my number 847XXXX

Not taking so much time, he phoned :

Hmm. Tought you just wake up, rite ?”

“ yes rite, my voice was so sexy, wasn’t I ?and u made me wake up. This is my time to wake up late

“ yeah I knew that .I just want to ask that we will go to the party? And I plan to

Pick u up at your home, but I don’t know where?

“ C’mon … it’s very easy to..follow my direction and then you will find out I was there.” yeap but I never
go away far from my office and home.” So can you give me any suggestion for me to pick up.

Then I said if he picked me up in festive market. He said no “ was too crowded and afraid there will be someone take me first and he only gotta the finger.

Ok…. I said you can pick me up in my friend’s home. He agree..and plan to take me..

Cu there.. My Nemo…

Then I go to Plasa Senayan with my friend and her friend. So then we went to the movie theatre watched “Kungfu Hustle” was so funny .Stephen Cow is so great and funny. Then I remembered my someone that has been my obsession for sometime. Makes me crazy for almost a year. Try to flirt him by sending a message, since we never keep in touch for a week after bakpia pathok tragedy.

are you in office”

“ No. I’m in my friend party? Why? Are you in office too?

“ aaah…I’m in Plasa Senayan

“ what are you doing? Not so common for you to be in PS?

“ hanging around with my friend.?wanna join?

“ my friend plan to go to Mal Taman anggrek.?

That’s our conversation I let him waiting on my answer..

Then after watching the movie, I splitted with my friend as I have to go to my friend house for prepare myself for the party. Suddenly gotta the message again.

I’m in Ratu plasa looking for DVD” Are you going home ? I’m in café Oh lala…before going home by train at 6 o’clock.

Saturday nite fever January 15, 2005

On the way to my friend's home, my heart become confused again. Do I have to ask him accomapny me to the party. Oh no…won’t be fair for My Nemo…Now I’m trying to build my new relationship again with someone. And I don’t want him disturbing again my life. So keep away from life.

Its almost 6.30 pm but My Nemo hasn’t phone me yet to make sure he gonna pick me up or not. Then decided to phone hime.”

“ hallow, nemo? Are you ready for the party?

“ yes but I don’t know exactly your place.. so guide me yeah.My pulse only Rp.1000. Please call me later.

“ ok no problem. What time you will come so I can prepare and dress up?
I'll go there by 7 o'clock. then see ya

to be continue
January 16, 2005
"hope you will be My Nemo"


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