Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Idul Adha at Home

December 20, 2007
My hubby arrived almost midnite.. no bus since the traffic jam not allowed them to come quickly and sharply. then i couldn't pick him up.. so just wait at home and fallen asleep so not realize he has arrived... he went home to celebrate Idul Adha...
In the morning after praying Subuh.. i took a sleep again.. hehe... then at six o'clock took a bath and ready for going to mosque. this time we prayed at mosque close to our home, not in bandung not in bekasi. so then no Lontong or opor ayam.
After praying, we just eat white rice, red bean soup and salty fish.. my hubby then phoned his family to come... Oh Gosh.. we had no something to eat since previous days i got my headache as usual...and his family agree to come for take a lunch... ooowww..... in a rush we drive away to the closest supermarket for buying something.the closest one not open.. oh God.. but then we found it. i decided to cook oxtail soup, because it is easy..heheheh..we shopped them quickly..
then i and my maid cook the oxtail, also the rice. my hubby made some nutrijell. we realixe do't have any dessert , but thanks God we didn't forget to buy orange and manggis..
at 11'o'clock they come, about 8 people....oooowww..... but it's ok.. i prepare a lot of oxtail soup and rice for them...but it makes me tired to serve them, since to prepare everything while i want to take a rest.
the rain is going down fastly, the are fall asleep at home.. and went home at 5 o'clock so i and my hubby decided not to go to bandung in the afternoon.. too tired to go..


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