Monday, December 3, 2007

Pregy Lady

First Week of Ramadhan 1427 H

It has been almost a week going thru the Ramadhan…still the same as previous last year, just spent it with my maid at home. Since my hubby is working and living far away from me.. but I had spent almost 2 weeks before at my hubby’s place.. wonderful.. :-)

Then on Saturday 22 September, I just read a good article from SINDO about unrealized pregnancy.. It will be danger for mommy and her future baby, if don’t have enough food supplement such as folat acid and zinc, also vitamin. Cause sometime mommy doesn’t realize if she is getting pregnant until get thru the first trimester…Huah.hh...

Then I realize i hadn't got my period, it was late for almost 2 weeks..but it commons for me since don't have regular period. once i got a period for almost 75 days. so i never suspect that i will pregnant.also i have another reason one i wont be pregnant, because i met with my hubby not in fertil days... haha... funny right... i try to put the fertil date to meet my hubby since we have long distances marriage...but the article make me curious., how if I am...then i plan to buy a test pack a night after Tarawih pray..

I asked to the shop keeper to give me the cheapest test pack, cos i am boring to buy it again with no result...she gave me Rp 3000 tes pack, hah too cheap coz i am afraid of the accuracy, so i am asking the 10000 Rp.. hahah
Again... I forgot to test my first urine in the morning even i eat for sahur... ok.. then i take a sample before i praying Subuh. i am not so sure the accuracy....

1....2....3... drop i put on it.... then suddenly i saw 2 purple line... WATSSSSSSSSss... mean positive.. mean PREGNANT... i don't believe it... then i pray and sleep. when woke up in the morning i check again.. still the same 2 line ...OH MY GOD... it's not a dream... really I'm pregnant, said me on that time.. i called up my hubby about this, he just said... ALHAMDULLILAH...but i'm still not believe....

On monday September 24, I come to my ginecologist, and she check with USG... she told me... Look you already have a bag looks like on it mean yo're pregnant... 4 weeks she guess...
well.... finally... im pregnant.amazing for me there is another life on my body... may Alloh give me strength to face the day with my baby on it
So I am a pregy lady now..
October 2007


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