Monday, December 24, 2007

Trippy to Bandung

Bandung 21 December 2007....
Before going to Bandung, we decided to have a monthly check up to the doctor.. I want to try another gynecologist.. not really satisfied me, but bit better.. i can see my baby grown up, and my hubby so happy to see his child for the first time...
we could see his/her body grow up.. the brain, muscle, backbone also the head.. hehe...oh God every day he/she kick me up and give me a little hug that so suprising me minute to minute...
till this time i don't know yet my baby's gender..
after praying Jumat, we decided go to Bandung.. Raining again everywhere, even i sleep all the journey.. then we arrived in Bandung in the afternoon... regret not to have a barbeque nite since the raining never stop..
just sleep and take a rest..


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