Monday, December 3, 2007

Your 15th Week

Week 15

posted on 11/22/2007

Our 15th Week ..
My baby.. you are getting on your 15th weeks..On Tuesday, Bunda with your Om went to the hospital visit the doctor.. and the most is I want to see you how's you're look like... Bunda were so exiciting to wait to see you.. but please appologize your Ayah, he couldn't attent the session even he want to. so pray for him My Baby, so your Ayah will gather with us as soon as possible...

Then I saw you from the screen... Now your head is 27 mm, getting bigger.. also i can see your backbone,your hand, your foot and your body ofcourse.. oh yeah i can see two dots said as your beautiful eyes... hmmm can't wait to see you in this world My Baby ..

Oh ya.. last night your E'ne and abah were coming.. they are worried about your Bunda since bunda's maid were going home to see her mom then Bunda get headache... oh Hunny couldn't imagina how happy they are too see you their beloved Cucu..

hope you are always getting your greatest healthy..

Love you more and more..
Ayah n Bunda

ps :
Ayah : Daddy (indonesian)
Bunda: Mommy (indonesian)
Om : Uncle (indonesian)
E'ne : Grandma (sundanesse)
Abah : Grandpa (sundanesse)
taken from : buahhatiayahbunda


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